Based in the Piemonte region in the north-west of Italy, is a special company called Herno. Inspired by the beautiful hills, wineries and glaciers of the Alps, Herno is trying to renew fabrics and techniques when it comes to outerwear. The name is in honour to the small river Erno that runs through the village, this village is still today the place where Herno produces the outerwear pieces that are loved by many. There is a lot of rain at the edge of Lago Maggiore, because of this Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife decided during the late fifties that they wanted to produce a stylish raincoat. This has lead to taped seams, the usage of Gore-Tex and the world famous down jackets which still dominate the Italian fashion scene.

The H in the word Herno is added later to make the brand smoother and more international, they wanted to represent the multiple countries where for example the feathers come from: the French Perigord, the Russian Serbia and ofcourse the Italian Lomellina. Nowadays the company is lead by the son Claudio in a sustainable way, the brand makes use of solar panels and army colours to let the factories disappear in the landscape.