Made to measure recites within the DNA of Via Andres. In the first half of the nineties Andres was thought the art of tailoring on the Technical School of Fashion & Clothing on this school he learned the true definition of being a tailor. All the knowledge about fabrics, producing and altering are still relevant for daily problems within the store.

To see why something doesn’t fit or falls in a certain way is something unique, but if you understand where the problem comes from you can start implement the solution earlier on for a better result. This is where the difference is made within Via Andres. Since 1995 we work with different tailors from Italy to produce beautiful: Suits, Jackets, Shirts and outerwear. All to fulfil the customer’s need.

1. We start with the acknowledgement of your needs and wishes.
2. Then we will take your sizes and will advise you in the best way we can.
3. You will look for fabrics, buttons and other specialities.
4. We will translate your needs and sizes to an order for the tailor.
5. The fine tailors in Italy will produce your suit/shirt.
6. We will invite you to fit the product and finish it.

Whenever there is a preference for an in between meeting we can make an appointment.

The difficulty in made to measure is that your needs need to be translated into an product, this can only be done by an understanding professional tailor. Which is an expertise, my expertise!